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The formula of our product was created in 1995. It has been passed down and improved upon for generations, making it particularly natural, safe, and effective.

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Lavisherb Hair Serum 200ml Bottle
Lavisherb Hair Serum 200ml Bottle
Lavisherb Hair Serum 200ml Bottle
Lavisherb Hair Serum 200ml Bottle
Lavisherb Hair Serum 200ml Bottle

Lavisherb Hair Serum 200ml Bottle

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Lavisherb Hair Serum is a capillary treatment lotion made with herbs that originate from the Amazon Rainforest that nourishes hair from the inside out. It is a plant-based, non-toxic, and non-sticky formula that helps revitalize the hair root system. It works by cleaning the hair follicle through a natural process that increases the diffusion of scalp nutrients. It helps repair damaged hair follicles responsible for baldness, allowing for new hair growth. It is recommended for dandruff, hair loss, excessive scalp sebum, and greasy hair.

Apply roughly 5 to 6 ml on dry scalp twice a day. Gently massage into scalp for 30 seconds. No need to wash or rinse after application. For more details, refer to our HOW TO USE section.

1.Sacharum Officinarum

2.Smilax Officinalus

3.Agave Rigida

4.Saponaria Officinalis


Our Product Is Made with Love, Passion and Integrity.

We understand your struggles and concerns because we were once in your shoes.

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It’s rare to find a product that really works, but that’s what this serum is for me ... my hair stopped shedding after using just one package, and now looks much thicker, fuller, and healthier. Love it !

Kia, M

Toronto, ON


I was obsessed immediately by the herbal scent, smells so natural and calm, it has no residue, it's not sticky or oily. It is a miracle that my entire scalp feels cool & fresh, and can breathe from the roots.


San Diego, CA


I had horrible postpartum hair loss and it was literally falling out in massive chunks. After using just 1 bottle of serum, my shedding is significantly decreased. Also, I shared it with my hubby who has had a bald spot for a long time. Now we have tons of new baby hairs sprouting up. We will order more for sure.

Natalie P

Calgary, AB


I have to be very cautious when choosing personal products, because I am allergic to chemicals. After reading the company story, I decided to give this product a try. It is safe for me to use twice daily, no allergic reactions at all. And it works!

Debbie, H

Vancouver, BC


I am a 28-year-old male, after using 2 bottles, it helps prevent further recession and significantly reduced dandruff. I have tried every shampoo, even prescription-grade shampoo, no prevail. Lavisherb made my scalp much healthier, significantly reduced inflammation, and virtually removed all my dandruff. I would continue using this product on that alone.


Brooklyn, NY


Our four key ingredients are derived from natural plants and herbs

Typical Problems

Our serum targets the following problems.

Benefits & Performance

Lavisherb Hair Serum works through the following sequence to benefit both the surface of the scalp and deep below it.


Lavisherb Hair Serum is a safe and natural product that revitalizes hair growth without any negative side effects