About Us

Lavisherb was founded in 2020 to find, develop and produce natural products for personal care, wellness and daily living.Human beings live in nature and are inextricably linked to it in every way. The best quality of life comes from showing nature respect, returning to a more natural way of living, and enjoying nature’s gifts to the fullest.Lavisherb's mission is to find these treasures from nature and present them to the world. We strive to promote a lifestyle that is at one with the earth for a soothing and relaxing escape from the frenzy of modern life.


Natural Solution

At Lavisherb we take pride in ensuring our products are safe for everyone to use. Inspired by the Amazon Rainforest from where our ingredients originate, we strive to find all-natural solutions to bring you the very best in haircare. Each of our products draws from healing properties found in nature to bring your hair intense nourishment. Using only naturally-derived ingredients and without short-term “fixes'' or harmful chemical additives, our products are safe for both men and women to use in the long term. Lavisherb products are even safe for people with sensitive skin or allergies to apply regularly without concern. 


Effective Result

Lavisherb strives to offer easy-to-use daily products with instant refreshing effects and  high-performing results to promote hair wellness. Our special formula, developed through rigorous testing, treats hair from the inside out, targeting issues at their root to give you noticeable and long-term results. Our products allow your hair to achieve its full potential, helping you feel more healthy, beautiful, and confident. With Lavisherb, a healthier scalp and stronger, healthier hair can become your reality.

Our Story

The owner of the product formula, Mr. Sebastian, is a successful businessman whose wife used to be suffer from  hair loss. However, due to serious allergies, she could use almost none of the hair growth products available on the market. To make his wife happy, Mr. Sebastian constantly searched for safe and effective hair growth products during his business trips. By chance, he met the indigenous people of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, and after learning of his needs and intentions, they generously gave him their ancient and mysterious hair growth formula. Mr. Sebastian then sent the formula to a British laboratory for analysis and testing, where the safety and efficacy of the formula were confirmed in 1995. Since then the original formula has been passed down with even more improvements to this day.