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You can follow your usual hair washing routine as long as you apply the Lavisherb hair serum as suggested

Best to use this hair serum combining with other natural hair products, such as organic shampoos and conditioners .etc, to reach its potencial result.

If you strictly follow instructions and massage the Lavisherb hair serum into your scalp for 30 seconds twice a day to allow for full moisturization, you will see results in a short period of time: on average, hair loss will be reduced after 14 days, new hair growth will be visible after 30 days, and peak results of thicker and healthier hair will be evident after 90 days.

Please purchase at least one month's supply, i.e 2 bottle of the 200ml of Lavisherb Hair Serum. It is recommended to buy and use 6 bottles of the serum for about 3 months to achieve significant results.

According to numerous case studies, the efficiency of Lavisherb products is over 81%. For individuals with dandruff, hair loss, balding, excessive oil and other problems, the product has very good results. Some users experienced no results due to complete hair follicle death.

Please use this product when your hair is semi-dry or completely dry. It is not recommended to use this product and then blow dry your hair at high temperatures.

Each individual is different. In general, you should stick to using this product for at least 3 months. After the treatment is completed, you can use Lavisherb hair serum on average 3-4 times a week to strengthen and maintain new hair growth.

Lavisherb's effects can be seen after about 1-3 months, with hair becoming thicker and shinier. During this period it is not recommended to simultaneously use any hair oils or gels so as not to affect the effect of the serum. After the treatment period is complete, you can use other hair products at your discretion.

Lavisherb products work directly on your hair roots with key herbal extracts that help rejuvenate your roots by inhibiting the action of DHT, improving the texture and thickness of your hair.

Only simple steps required to conduct a patch test at home. Please refer to our PATCH TEST page for details.