Winter Hair Care Tips

Winter Hair Care Tips

Although hair care in winter is usually much simpler than in summer, now is the time to prepare for the new season! Are you ready for post-sun hair care to ensure that your hair is ready for the cold season and looks shiny, elastic, soft, and moisturized? Let's take a look at the following tips together.

  1. Adjust hair color Our natural hair color is usually lighter in summer and slightly darker in the colder season, which means your dyed hair definitely needs some adjustments. If you have blonde hair and blue eyes, you can try using caramel or golden colors as these will bring a fresh shine to your slightly pale skin tone. If you have dark hair, you can choose natural colors for highlights. Of course, I know that talking about color changes doesn't seem very relevant to hair care, but for many women, hair coloring is already a part of their hair care routine.

  2. Cleanse From styling products to salt sprays, SPF lotions to conditioners, all kinds of chemical ingredients have been accumulating on your hair for the entire summer. Now is the best time to remove them and get ready for the new season. You can go to a professional hair salon for a specialized hair cleaning treatment or purchase a salon-quality shampoo to cleanse your hair as part of your autumn hair care routine.

  3. Deep conditioning This hair care suggestion is not exclusive to this season, but it is certainly indispensable after a hot summer. You can use heated oil or natural oil treatments to restore your hair's moisture and elasticity, and then choose suitable deep conditioning treatments. Deep conditioning is best done after cleaning, as it will make your hair more effective at restoring softness and elasticity. Since the hair has been thoroughly cleansed, it will not feel heavy, oily, or dull.

  4. Trim and thin This is also one of the autumn hair care tips that we should not forget! Don't bring split ends into the next season. Quickly ask your hairdresser to solve this problem for you! If you haven't taken good care of your hair all summer, hair trimming is also a good choice because it won't affect your hair length, only giving you a beautiful, groomed hairstyle.

  5. Smooth frizz Dry hair frizz caused by the autumn season is a major concern for many women. Although you can also cover up most of the frizz with wavy hairstyles, for post-summer hair care, it is recommended to use a hair serum or oil to help smooth the hair and prevent frizz.

  6. Focus on Moisturizing Moisturizing definitely needs to find its place in your autumn hair care routine, as wind, heating, and blow dryers can all damage your hair. Plus, high-necked sweaters or artificial fur collars can drive you crazy with static in your hair. Actually, all of these can be avoided with occasional proper moisturizing treatment. You can choose a DIY hair mask or deep conditioner to use weekly or biweekly, or consider using moisturizing shampoo/conditioner/leave-in conditioner, which can give your hair sufficient hydration and nourishment even when you're super busy.

  7. Gentle Massage If you happen to experience hair loss during this time, like a cat shedding its fur, then you must pay close attention to the last item in autumn hair care tips. Get ready with Lavisherb hair serum, scalp massager or your fingers, and make sure to do a gentle massage once in the morning and once in the evening. A relaxing massage of 10 to 15 minutes will increase blood circulation to the scalp, especially when combined with natural nourishing ingredients from Lavisherb hair growth essence, not only nourishing the scalp and accelerating the growth of new hair, but also making your hair and hair roots healthier in the long run.